The area surrounding Asolo, a hilltop town of outstanding beauty that boasts a rich history and artistic culture, is well-known for its verdant, untainted beauty.

Asolan Hills

This scenic ride is popular with riders at all levels.

We take a spectacularly scenic route through the hills north of Asolo,  among vineyards and modest farmhouses in an area that has been wonderfully preserved from traffic, noise, and pollution.

Villa di Maser

After a roller-coaster ride on narrow, winding backroads, we reach the town of Maser and the Villa Barbaro, one of Andrea Palladio’s most outstanding architectural achievements.

We visit the central portion of the villa to admire the frescoes of Paolo Veronese, to delight in expansive views from the villa’s windows, and to learn about the aristocratic life of wealthy 16th century Venetians.