One of our favorite and most scenic routes takes us through rolling hills covered with vineyards, this being the home of  prosecco, a sparkling dry white wine well known to sommeliers and wine lovers everywhere.

The climate of this area is ideal for growing the particular kind of grape (Glera) used to make this famous wine.

The Prosecco Wine Country

We start out on a lovely road to the Piave river valley, cross over a bridge and climb to the town of Valdobbiadene.

After a quick right turn out of the main square, we leave town and continue on a rollercoaster ride along the base of the Venetian pre-Alps. The destination and turn-around point on this 90 km ride is the picturesque village of Follina with its 12th century abbey and cloister, where we stop to take photos and relax in the quiet atmosphere of the inner courtyard.

After a light but refreshing lunch at a nearby locanda, we head back on a flatter route that enables us to admire from another perspective the unforgettable beauty of the prosecco wine country.