After an easy ride of about 30 km up the Brenta river valley and a stop at the water fountain in the tiny town of Selva, you’ll make a quick left and suddenly find yourself on a series of switchbacks that will definitely get your heart rate up.

La Barricata

Infamously steep and narrow, this one-way road is closed to vehicles (except for those of a few residents), and once you start up, there’s no turning back! For safety reasons, it is prohibited for cyclists to descend on this road.

After 14 km and 1,100 m of vertical gain, at an average grade of 8% with sections of 14%, you’ll arrive at the Barricata refuge.

From there the road levels out, but you’ll still have some rollers to do before descending back to the river valley.

The town of Marcesina, along this route, is known for its low temperatures, so take warm clothing even in July.

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