The highest mountain in this area, Monte Grappa was a strategic battleground during World War I.

Its white stone, circular war memorial, in which the remains of 23,000 fallen soldiers are entombed, can be spotted from miles away.

Cima Grappa

Cima Grappa: Monte Grappa rises 1775 meters above sea level, and cima means summit, so if you decide to go for it, here’s what you’re in for: 27 km at an average grade of 6% but with quite a few sections of 8-10%, a few breaks but not many, and a mountain retreat at the very top…and that’s going up the “easy” way.

Definitely worth the effort for the wild mountain flowers, the fresh clean air, the sweet sound of cow bells, and the inspiring panoramas, Cima Grappa is a destination for innumerable cyclists.

After this first ascent, you can make assaults on Monte Grappa via another nine, more difficult routes (with grades of up to 20%), each one unique and memorable.