Bassano del Grappa is a charming city that you’ll definitely want to explore. Only 9 km from our hotel, you can get there by bike, car or bus.

Be sure to linger on the Alpine Bridge, which offers a splendid view of the Brenta River Valley.

Bassano del Grappa

Named for its vicinity to Mt. Grappa, this small and very human-scale city is known for one of its characteristic products: grappa, a distilled liquor made from the skins and other solid matter that remain after pressing the grapes to make wine.

Shops in the area of the Alpine Bridge, aka the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge), sell grappa with every kind of flavoring you can imagine.

The Alpine Bridge

The Alpine Bridge, built according to a 1569 design by Andrea Palladio, is one of the city’s symbols, having a history and tradition of its own.

There’s even a song written about it:

On the bridge of Bassano, we’ll hold hands, we’ll hold hands and share a kiss of love.”

Napoleon Bonaparte made Bassano his temporary home, as did Ernest Hemingway during World War I. We can ride by Ca’ Erizzo, the villa where Hemingway was billeted, and visit the museum dedicated to him and his work.

The Civic Museum houses the world’s largest collection of paintings by Jacopo dal Ponte (aka Jacopo Bassano, 1515-1592), as well as many archaeological and architectural treasures.

We often ride through Bassano on our way to another destination. Even a quick glimpse of this city will make you want to return and savor its architecture, boutiques, and delicious Italian ice cream.