Giro d’Italia 2017 – The Route

100th Edition

Days to the GIRO D’ITALIA 2017


We are really excited to have the Giro d’Italia  pass through our backyard during the 100th anniversary of this world-famous event.

There are so many places in this  area to watch the riders go by, we are suffering from what Italians call “l’imbarazzo della scelta,” that is, too many choices!

Nothing compares to seeing the Giro d’Italia up close and personal. It’s an unforgettable experience, from when the first vans go by selling pink caps and t-shirts, to the seemingly endless parade of motorcycles and team support cars, to the flash of brightly colored jerseys and the sight of the biggest names in cycling today.

The “live” Giro offers an atmosphere that television cameras simply cannot capture, and images that will remain impressed on your memory for years to come.


27TH MAY 2017, SATURDAY, 190 KM

Mark your calendars for going to see the Giro on Saturday, May 27.

This 190 km stage is the penultimate, and perhaps decisive, one for the overall victory. It is marked by long climbs that take the racers through Feltre and over Monte Grappa from the north side, down the southern slope to Romano d’Ezzelino  (only a few kilometers from our hotel), along the Brenta river valley to Valstagna,  up the steep 14 km climb to Foza, then on to the stage finish in the beautiful mountain resort of Asiago.

There’s something for everyone, depending on where you want to ride and how much pink is in your blood. The heartiest of souls may want to scale Monte Grappa from the north, which means riding 50 km around the base of the mountain and tackling 7-8% grades (with short stretches of 12-16%) on the 24 km climb, just like the pros. Some serious (but perhaps more sensible) cyclists may attack Grappa from the south side and watch the pros as they crest the peak, or they may opt for climbing to the little town of Foza or to the grand finale in Asiago.

For those who prefer to see the race in the “no sweat”  mode, there are plenty of good spots on the flats or on the first switchbacks to Foza, where the group should be strung out and the riders easy to identify and photograph.

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